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Червената шапчица

Red Riding Hood

A girl, a wolf, a little red riding hood, an old grandmother… The classic fairy tale, presented by a master storyteller, will transport any child to a fairy tale world.

Приказка Тримата братя и змеят

The Three Brothers and the Dragon

The events and characters of this instructive story leave a lifelong memory in anyone who hears them.

Окото на пирата

The Eye of the Pirate

The story of the poor fisherman and the greedy pirate leaves a valuable lesson in every child’s heart about how we should not have a greedy eye.

Приказка Рапунцел


“Rapunzel”, the favorite fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm, is revealed in all its beauty to its listeners, both young and old, who can enjoy the power of words.

Cindarella fairy tale

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You will hear both the favorite children’s fairy tales and the classic stories of the Brothers Grimm and Andersen, as well as tales from Japan, Russia, Greece, Italy, Africa, and many others.

The benefits of audio children's stories

✓ A method for literacy and easier language acquisition
✓ They develop children’s imagination
✓ An alternative to screen time
✓ Help children develop a love for books
✓ Improve memory and mental health
✓ Help children distinguish between good and evil

Света на детските приказки
Приказки за деца

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them stories. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more stories.

Albert Einstein quote

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